To help your business, we offer a stylish, cosy and modern Conference Hall, which is on the first floor of Pobūvinė at Villa “Dubgiris“. The Conference Hall, as well as the other villa spaces, features a subtly luxurious style. It is dominated by natural wood, light brownish hues. An Italian décor with vineyard wall murals is reflected in the hall. Beautiful chandeliers and luxurious details adds even more cosiness and exclusive precision to the interior design. The most technologically advanced conferencing equipment at Pobūvinė at Villa “Dubgiris“ which allows you to be able to organize high-level conferences, seminars, training courses, workshops and meetings with business partners. We offer all the conditions for good and efficient work. Villa Dubgiris is an ideal place to disclose your employee’s creativity, smart ideas, assess yourself and colleagues in an informal setting, and give them an opportunity to have working and rest time at the same time.

Our conference hall is equipped with all the necessary and the most modern conference equipment. You will be able to use a multimedia projector, screen, high quality sound system, DVD player, and wireless internet connection. Upon request, we also provide copying and printing services. There is a prefect place for a lecturer. If required, we can organize coffee breaks, lunch and dinner. In the cosy conference hall we can hold conferences, seminars, training courses and various meetings for a group of up to 40 people. It is also possible to organize large conferences for up to 80 people in the main hall of Pobūvinė at Villa “Dubgiris“.