Stop for a while and escape from hard, painstaking work, dull routine and the hustle and bustle of city life. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the pleasures in Villa “Dubgiris“ Mini SPA and bathhouse complex to boost your resilience. Comfort, cosiness, warmth and quiet, relaxing music, thrilling sensations, and water therapy… The ancient Greek and Roman style in the Mini SPA and bathhouse complex intertwines with the theme of the birds living in Plinkšiai Lake. In this place imbued with exceptional cosiness and relaxing tranquillity you can take a Finnish sauna bath with steam and without steam, Turkish bath with relaxing fragrance aromas.

You can relax in a Jacuzzi providing warmth, vivacity and pleasure. There is a massaging stone path, heating bench, on which you can sit and enjoy the water foot massage. A cold water tub, instantaneous and other fun showers will help you feel refreshed. After the water and bath procedures, you can drink a cup of tea or just have a nice sit down with friends in the lounge. There you will also find a small massage room. Relax your body, relieve stress, forget the problems, and do not think about their solutions and possible consequences, just enjoy the pleasures great for both body and soul.