We welcome you to the wonderful region of Samogitia where on the shore of Plinkšiai Lake the luxurious and stylish Villa “Dubgiris“ opened for guests in 2012. For your relaxation and entertainment, the area of a homestead with a size of 4 ha has been prepared, with green lawns, pleasant pine forests, full fish ponds and, of course, unique on the coast of Plinkšiai lake. Villa „Dubgiris“ is a complex of 4 buildings: Guest House “Briedžio guolis” („Elk Bearing“), “Paukščiukų” („Nestlings“) apartments, SPA and bath complex, Pobūvinė (Banquet Hall) and “Uošvės trobelė” („Mother-In-Law‘s Hut“). In the main hall of the Guest House “Briedžio guolis” („Elk Bearing“) is an impressive collection of trophies, hunted and brought from various parts of the world – Europe, Siberia, Far East and Africa. The Guest House offers 2 luxurious apartments and 12 double rooms, which numbering is not usual.

Each room is named after different wild animal names, and the style is chosen for the interior according to the wild animal’s way of life and environment. In the next homestead building, there are 3 apartments, which also do not have no ordinary numbering. Each apartment has the name of an different bird and rooms are dominated by the particular bird theme. For lovers of the baths Villa „Dubgiris“ can offer a cozy, private and small bathhouse complex where you can enjoy a Finnish sauna with steam and without steam, as well as a Turkish bath. For those who want to relax, we offer a jacuzzi, a massaging stone path, a heating bench, various fun showers, a massage and a relaxation room. The Villa‘s banquet hall Pobūvinė features sophisticated luxury, the enchanting flawless and delicate interior.

In this two-storey, luxurious banquet hall, we can hold any of your celebrations, and a professional kitchen, the main attraction of which is the game, will offer you various dishes from traditional Samogitian to gourmet and not yet discovered. For trainings and seminars, on the second floor of Villa‘s banquet hall Pobūvinė there is a comfortable Conference Hall with all the necessary conference equipment. Slightly secluded is the log builted “Mother-In-Law‘s Hut”, which has a Russian bath with a big dressing room, an outdoor terrace with a fireplace and stunning views of the lake, comfortable bedrooms, a spacious kitchen and living room with fireplace. On the Villa’s carefully tidied territory you will find ponds full of fish. There is a fish observation place, and your own catch fish, we will immediately prepare and serve on your lunch or dinner table. You can enjoy the tranquility of the built bird-watching tower. You can enjoy the time to relax in the summerhouses and in an Island Hut, located in the middle of the pond. Active leisure guests can enjoy water cycling, boating, kayaking, canoeing and paddle-boarding and admire the spectacular landscape of the Plinkšiai lake. For those who want to explore the surroundings and its famous sites, we offer cycling, and we offer basketball, volleyball and table tennis at the sports ground for those who like emotional games. For the youngest guests, there is a playground with lots of climbing facilities and swings. Villa „Dubgiris“ is a place where you can relax and regain strength after hard work and experience unforgettable excitement.